Fantasy Farm Shoots

Fantasy Farm Shoots

I first came across this unique location while out running with my brother not to far from where we lived at the time.  We jumped a fence and were off on a stretch of dirt road that went a ways, we decided to run as far as the old, abandoned farm we saw in the distance.

On the way up to this structure, which seemed lost in time, a big white owl flew out the front opening.  Inside it looked like no one had been there in years aside from some of the local cows.  It was quiet and serene and was mainly empty aside from some old mysterious machinery that looked quite mechanical in nature.

Since first finding this location in my youth I have set up more shoots there now than I can remember.  The results are always beautiful, the lighting is quite surreal at times and varies throughout the day.  The rich spectrum of color of the natural wood inside offers an array of warmth to the photos.

If you have ever considered adding a farm style setting to your portfolio, this is the place.  It is located in the San Francisco East Bay Area and is relatively easy to get to (no running involved when you take the short cut).

If this place sounds right for you simply shoot me an e-mail using the contact form and we can set up your shoot in this magical place.  Fantasy Farm shoot start at $150.00 paid in advance via paypal.  Art nude shoots at Fantasy Farm are available at no cost for select models.

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