Stinson Beach Shoots

Stinson Beach Shoots

I have a relatively strong connection to this beach.  Visiting this beach on any beautiful summer day is how I first interacted with this location.  When the day was so nice on the way to school it was known, the only reason you would show up to school was to meet up with friends and take off for the day.

After high school I ended up meeting a soul mate of mine there.  That is one of the reasons I feel I have a strong connection to Stinson Beach.  That beautiful story can be found here.

So now I like to use the excuse of setting up photo shoots there just so I can be in that beautiful, sacred space.

The ocean, the rocks, the air.  Doing one of the things I love most, photographing beautiful women.  Why wouldn’t I want to do this and be there any chance I can?

If you are looking to add photos taken at a beautiful beach location I highly recommend this place.  I know a few places close by that make for amazing natural surroundings for some spectacular shots.

Contact me with your budget and let’s see about adding some beach shots to your portfolio.

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